In the year 2022, there are five full time police officers, a police chief and an office manager employed by the City of Eagle River Police Department. (if anyone has further documention of previous officers of the city police, please forward it to our department. We have used the i

nformation courtesy of the Eagle River Historical Society Compilation

"Eagle River,  Wisconsin: It's History & People", published by Hahn Printing. 



Retired Full Time Officers

  Charles Smith

  Robert Ziebell

  Robert Dyer

  G. L. Carter

  Anton Poisman

  Louis Cook

  Kenneth McIntyre

  Art Sparks, Chief of Police 1945-1967

  Francis Morgan

  James Merical

  Allen Ervin

  Delbert Hayden

  Peter Lambert

  Harvey Wolter

  Erwin Bueschel, Chief

  Ernie Lind, Sgt.

  Red Neir

  Ken Eidness

  Joe Jellen

  Jack Seyfert

  Jim Williquette

  William Slizewski, Chief     

  Frank Tomlanovich Jr.

  Edward Faust, Sgt

  Donald "Pike" Dyer, Chief

  Wesley LaCrosse, Captain

  Jim Estes, Sgt.

  Mac Barnekow

  Phil Petruzates

  Marv Elliott

  Erv Ellis

  Karen Wesley Retired

  Rob Minx

  Todd Budde, Retired

  Michael Olkowski, Retired

  Mark Vander Bloomen, Retired Chief

  Anthony Justice, Retired

  Mark Collins, Sgt. Retired


Past Officers Part Time

  Fred Wolfer

  Ed Morgan

  Joe Casey, Sr. 

  Dan Katzner

  Ryan Rezny

  Lee Lech

  Don McDonald

  Bill Krenzke

  Michael Gough, Jr

  Brad Rhodes

  Brady Peterson

  George Crabtree

  Dan Semmerling

  Kory Dahlvig

  Kim Maney

  Scott Lea

  Sig Hjemvick, Part-time Chief

  Dustin Pace

  Tom Maillette

  Chad Christensen


Special Officers

  Harry Hawhts

  James Carver

  Eugene O'Dell

  William Murphy

  Frank Steui

  George Thompson

  Henry Steinmetz

  Jess Welsch

  J.A. Walsh

  J.L. Walsh

  J. Cavanah

  James Oberholzer

  F. Stein

  A. Kenneth Royal