How we can help:


There are several services provided by Eagle River Police Department. For example: 


    Prescription Drug Collection


        Unwanted prescription drugs may be disposed of at the Police

        Department during regular business hours: 


        Monday through Friday between 8:30 am and 4:30 pm., excluding Holidays.

                       ***Needles of any sort are not accepted.****



*  Property Watch


* Business Emergency Contact Form

* Community Seminars


      Internet Safety


      Child Safety


      Bicycle Safety   


     Concealed Carry (usually April/October)

* Business Seminars


      Check Fraud




 * Public Speaker on Various Topics 


Contact Information:

If you have an idea for the website or would like more information on a law enforcement issue, we value community input. Please contact our department at (715)479-4343 fill in form below: