The Eagle River Police Department was fortunate for many years to have a Chaplain program under the direction of Father Fosdick. This program was started by previous Chief of Police Mark Vander Bloomen. Father Fosdick retired last year and we wish him well. We thank him for the many years of service to our department and the community of greater Eagle River. 

Other Chaplains that were active in the original Chaplain team were Pastor Josh Reese and Pastor Andrea Fluegel. Pastor Andrea has since moved. Pastor Josh was voted in absentia during our first restructuring meeting to lead and direct our new team of Chaplains as Senior Chaplain. Pastor Josh has stepped up to the challenge and jumpstart our Chaplain program began earlier this year.

Police chaplains provide confidential support in several key areas of law enforcement and in the communities they serve. These areas include but are not limited to officer wellness and support, spiritual support, and community-police engagement.

In addition to supporting officers and first responders struggling with issues such as burnout, stress or trauma, Chaplains also assist officers with some of their duties. These can include tasks like death notifications, crime victim support and homeless outreach. Chaplains support and encourage people of all religious faiths and are familiar with beliefs across many different cultures.

Our Chaplains are in good standing with their organizations, are active in the ministry or in a related ministry with their own denomination and exhibit and maintain high spiritual and moral standards. A key element of a chaplain's qualifications and qualities for service with a law enforcement agency is his or her willingness to be actively involved in learning and development activities, such as the training programs offered by ICPC and their agencies.

Currently our Chaplain team will be attending the International Conference of Police Chaplains (ICPC) regional training to receive additional knowledge and skills to complement their backgrounds to better assist our area communities, first responders and the team members of the Eagle River Police Department. Our Chaplains are also trained through the Eagle River Police Department and serve as voluntary community leaders. Christine Daring and Rob Dixon will also be attending the Vilas County Sheriff's Department Citizen's Academy which starts soon so that they have will a greater understanding of the day to day operations of law enforcement, needs of officers/first responders and the needs of our community. 

Our Current Chaplain team will be sworn in March 2024:

Pastor Josh Reese, Senior Chaplain

Deacon Richard Miech, Chaplain

Chaplain Edward Brouch, Chaplain

Pastor Rob Dixon, Chaplain

Chaplain Christine Daring, Chaplain

Come back March 2024 to meet our new Chaplains when they are sworn in to service for our community!