Eagle River Police Auxiliary        


The Eagle River Police Auxiliary is an all volunteer force that assists the Eagle River Police Department or other organizations within the community.  Many of the functions that an Auxiliary Officer would perform are community service functions such as assisting with parades, patrolling during fairs and community activities or conducting traffic control during  special events.  Auxiliary Officers are also responsible for parking enforcement in Eagle River.


Auxiliary Officers will spend many of their hours interacting with people out in the community, residents and tourists alike.  As Eagle River is one of the largest tourist destinations in the nation, Auxiliary Officers will ultimately be ambassadors of not only the  police department but the City of Eagle River as well.    




There are many benefits to being an Auxiliary Officer.  One of the greatest benefits is having the ability to interact positively with people out in the community and deriving the satisfaction of giving back to the community.  In addition to that self satisfaction, there are other benefits that  are more tangible.  Being an Auxiliary Officer provides for experience that can help boost a resume.  In addition to experience gained, Auxiliary Officers receive skills training in the areas of professional communication, traffic control, radio communications, defensive tactics, vehicle operations, report writing and many other areas.   





Being an Auxiliary Officer means being someone who is entrusted with a position of authority in the community.  For that very reason, not everyone can be an Auxiliary Officer.  Anyone wishing to become an Auxiliary Officer must meet the following minimum qualifications: 

· Must be at least 18 years of age and a High School graduate. 

· May not have any felony convictions. 

· May not have a recent significant traffic record. 

· Must be able to stand or walk for several hours at a time, possibly during inclement weather. 

· Must pass a background check.


Work Requirements


· Auxiliary Officers are required to attend at least four (4) Auxiliary meetings/training events per year, some of which will be mandatory. 

· Auxiliary Officers are required to record a minimum of 30 hours per year.  This includes meetings, mandatory training and deployments. 

· Auxiliary Officers are subject to being called in for assistance at any time of the day or night.  Response is always voluntary. 



Do you have great people skills?  Do you like giving back to your community?  Do you like being part of a team


Apply Today!!


Applications are accepted on a continuous basis. Our auxiliary program will be undergoing some restructuring but new members are welcome throughout this change.