Press Release



For Immediate Release






Joshua D. Leach



DOB: 12/15/1988






In accordance with Wisconsin State Statute 301.46 (2m), it has been determined that the attached information on Joshua Leach should be released to the local media.  Mr. Leach will be released from prison on Tuesday July 26th, 2016 and will be returning to the Eagle River community and monitored on restrictive supervision by the Wisconsin Department of Corrections.






Conviction Dates:





02/24/2012         Child Enticement – Sexual Contact                           Vilas County       11CF50



02/24/2012         Causing Mental Harm to a Child (2 counts)            Vilas County       11CF50






Offense Summary:





Leach drove a 14 YOA and 15 YOA female acquaintances to a park.  While in the vehicle with the females Leach fondled his penis and later persuaded one of the females to perform oral sex on him.  In another case, Leach fondled a 15 YOA females breasts, discussed her menstrual cycle with her and threatened to sue the child’s family if he was arrested for his behavior.  In a 3rd case, Leach engaged a 14 YOA female on Facebook.  Eventually Leach met the 14 YOA female in person and he had her perform oral sex on him.  Leach solicited nude photographs from the 14 YOA female and in turn provided photos of his penis to the female.  Leach provided the female with cigarettes and cash as well.  In another incident, Leach photographed a 14 YOA female without her knowledge while she was showering.  Three photos of the incident were later found uploaded to his Facebook account. 






Supplemental Information:





Upon release, Leach will be residing in the Department of Corrections temporary living place which is monitored by the Department of Corrections and Attic Correctional Services.  Leach will be subject to Global Positioning System (GPS) monitoring.  Leach will be prohibited from using electronics such as cell phones and computers.  Leach will not be allowed any unsupervised contact with minors, is prohibited from entering taverns/bars/liquor stores and may not consume alcohol or drugs.  Leach is prohibited from having contact with any of the victims.  Leach will be required to register face to face with local law enforcement agencies and with the Wisconsin Sex Offender Registry which can be viewed at